This peaceful getaway, rooms2stay, is a two-story home one block from downtown Baldwin City and Baker University.  You will hear local church bells ring twice a day and the echo of train horns in the distance. Faint sounds of school bands practicing and the low cheers of sports crowds coming from the athletic stadium add to the ambiance.  Traffic jams, in this one-stoplight town, are usually because of a farmer's tractor on the road. 


In Spring, birds announce the season singing to the new flower blooms bursting in yards, farmlands, and plains. Late Spring and early Summer bring fireflies to watch (which are not seen west of Kansas), Autumn's color in maple leaves canopy the streets. The sound of Winter's silence when the snow is falling with the leafless trees looks like blackened lace against the sky complements the season.  When was the last time you sat on a front porch with a small fire pit, your favorite beverage in hand listening to the rain?


There is enough college and professional ball for everyone's taste in the area.   It's a slice of Midwest Americana at its best.  History abounds with local area museums at universities and reenactments. Try downshifting from a busy paced life and experience the Agricultural Economic venues of local farms,  wine tastings usually with live music, on-site farmers country markets, seasonal flea markets held in over 100 y.o. barns, county fairs, antiquing and farm-to-table alfresco meal experiences.  

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Need more convincing on the MidAmerica experience, the middle of everywhere?

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