A few rooms2stay enhancements can be made during your stay to make it more special and schedule manageable.  Although the restaurants in Baldwin City are recommended, the open hours of eateries my not be conducive to your schedule, and during special event activities in the community, they are crowded spots; here are a few rooms2stay options.

Graduation Brunch Package

After all the hard work and study, culminate                                                                    your graduation day with a  special brunch.  Avoid the lines, reservations, travel,                                                                  then waiting all the while watching the clock to ensure you get to the ceremony                                                                         (pre-early gathering for the graduates). Invite a few close friends and/or family the                                                                      morning of graduation for brunch at            rooms2stay.  At your leisure enjoy the                                                                              fellowship with a yummy celebratory meal.  Limit: ten for this package.  The cost                                                                    per plate is an additional $4.00 per brunch guest (house overnight guests eat for free!).                                                                   Let Cat know at the time of your booking so she can accommodate your needs in for                                                                    brunch preparation.    


Bridal Wedding Party Brunch

                                     Sleep in,  luxuriously ease into this wonderful day that has been in the planning stagesup

                                     until now! Invite the hairstylist and/or makeup artist to pamper the bride and her party on

                                     site.  A large brunch will be provided. Attire:  PJ’s.   To include others, (family members

                                     or special friends not staying at rooms2stay), let Cat know at your booking and she will

                                     accommodate.  Limit ten total guests for this package.  This celebratory meal is an

                                     additional $4.00 per table guest (house guests eat for free!).  After the special morning

                                     wedding toast, guests can eat together or according to their schedule.

Get Your Grill On!

Dinner is not provided at rooms2stay.  However                                                  when time permits in your schedule, you can get your “Grill on” and cook up your main entrée on                                                 a penny-tiled table off a fire pit insert located in the middle of the table (custom made from a large                                              cable spool).  Situated in a fenced backyard patio at rooms2stay, it is part of the "cook-it-yourself"                                                 trend  seen at restaurants. This non-passive meal experience is interactive and communal. For                                                       many, this social aspect is appealing (particularly when you don’t have to wash up afterward!).                                                       It's a food fusion at it's best.. Friends are              welcomed (limit ten to include the guests staying                                              at the bed and breakfast).  There is no additional   fee except you provide the main entrée (meat for grilling).  Let Cat know if you are  interested.  She will provide utensils,  spices, bread, and a side dish, you provide your own meat and any adult beverage you want.  Oh (!) gourmet smores for dessert anyone? 


Check back on an upcoming future package: "A Day with the Grands!"

If you (as a guest) want to hold small (10 person) gathering for a birthday, bridal or baby shower,  anniversary celebration, perhaps a tea or just cuz while staying at rooms2stay, talk to Cat and see what can be worked out.  She's game if you are! 

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