Prefer reservations be made through Air BnB for your and my security, liability insurance, and managing calendar bookings. However, reservations can be made outside of Airbnb however a deposit will be required to hold the room.  Click the link on your room of interest on the right (indicated by the pointed finger near to the link).

Information will be made available upon arrival at local events and on the check-out procedures. You will be greeted personally by a human when you arrive either by the hostess, Cat, or a handpicked cohost when she is unavailable.  The front door has a video, two-way monitor doorbell.  Each guest room is keyed. 
Covered off-street parking is provided with motion detector lighting for further safety and security.

 Proclivities, Policies, KUDON'Ts

DO stay should the accommodations meet your particular needs!  The guidelines are not meant to exclude anyone but instead are provided so you (and other guests) know what to expect/anticipate.

No drugs (nor medicinal cannabis), firearms or smoking/vaping are allowed on the premises.  No pets, please. Prefer guests 21 y.o or older unless accompanied by a parent.  Rooms2stay is not handicap accessible.  Thar be entryway outdoor steps and with an interior stairway to second-floor guest rooms of 13 steps with double handrail provided for safety; Nor is rooms2stay suited (read safe) for small children.

If you have very sensitive allergies (to smells, cleaning products, etc.) the nature of a bed and breakfast might not be suitable as the best place for you. 
Cat will try to accommodate diet restrictions if told beforehand.  The planned menu for breakfast is the chef's choice.   The kitchen is not for use due to food handler-certified guidelines.  A mini-fridge, microwave, and some dishes, and glasses are available for guests in the common area outside of rooms.

There is property insurance but it doesn't preclude a guest from financial responsibility for any damages they caused.   

rooms2stay is not a honeymoon locale.


Also outside of initially texting Cat (913.683.1758) about room availability you can also go to the reservations tab for the accommodations you desire at the individually listed rooms in the  Baldwin City (KS) rooms2stay site at Airbnb  (a free app).    PLEASE NOTE: since the pandemic, a 24 hour period (either before or after a reservation) for cleaning and preparation is maintained.


 Click one of the following links for your room selection:

  the Firefly room 


the Leaf room


the Sunflower room